SPO’s recruitment process for seafarers is transparent. As a Company, we do not request for financial transfers or monetary transactions in any form during the application and recruitment process for employment of seafarers. The agents that SPO works with to recruit seafarers are not authorised to do so as well and such acts are strictly against our corporate Code of Conduct.

SPO is committed to reduce the risk of recruitment fraudulent scams. It has been brought to our attention that seafarers have received emails from purported “representatives” of Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), offering the recipients various seafaring positions in the Company. Please take notice that this is a fraudulent scam and these purported “representatives” have nothing to do with SPO. The fraudsters operate under various pseudonyms such as ‘Philip Owens’ and ‘Christopher Douglas’. This appears to be a similar scam that the Company has encountered in 2016, in respect of which we have lodged advisory warnings on the Corporate website as seen in this link.

If you do know of a seafarer who is seeking employment or belong to any seafarer-affiliated associations, please alert them about this fraudulent recruitment scam so as to raise awareness and prevent more seafarers from falling prey to the scam. For job queries about seafaring positions in SPO, please send to