Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC)

In 2005, the Board of the Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) group recognised that with operations taking place in ever more challenging environments, the challenge for the company was to develop a comprehensive marine training programme that could prepare staff appropriately. Thus in June 2007, Swire Pacific Offshore opened its dedicated marine training centre in Loyang, Singapore. The centre is the most advanced of its kind in the offshore industry and the first such facility in Asia, and provides a focal point in sea staff development within the company by providing a uniform experience of offshore operations. Its location in Singapore was very deliberate so as to permit easy and close interchange of information and ideas between SPO’s seafarers and senior management from SPO’s corporate headquarters nearby.
The Training Centre’s facilities have the ability to fully simulate the working environment of SPO’s range of classes and types of offshore support vessels in a safe, well managed setting. Bespoke simulators have been created to provide training in safety management, anchor handling (from basic level through to teaching the advanced skills required for working in deeper water), dynamic positioning (both operations and system maintenance), electrical and control systems engineering and engine room operations. Since opening, the number of courses offered and the capacity of the centre has increased every year so that the annual throughput is now running at over 1,000 students annually.
Swire Pacific Offshore recognises that human resource development is critical to sustaining quality service. As a leading provider of offshore services to the world's oil majors, it is continually looking for ways to enhance its performance through staff training programmes and an emphasis on superior marine skills. The training centre has allowed SPO to make the necessary significant advances in staff training and has already demonstrated its value as a complement to traditional 'on the job' training methods and statutory certification courses. The aim is that all SPO sea staff will attend SMTC for at least five days of discretionary, non-statutory training at least once every four years.

SMTC is also increasingly providing full service conference facilities and courses for external parties including Oil Majors, Classification Societies and our peer group.

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