Emergency Response

Swire Emergency Response (SER) was formed by the integration of two of Swire Pacific Offshore's (SPO) specialised companies; Swire Salvage and Swire Emergency Response Services to offer our clients flexible and tailored services to manage incidents and marine casualties worldwide in a safe and professional manner. 

The integration brings together the key competencies, resources and expertise of SPO and her affiliated companies, to provide five core services: 

Marine Towage

SER has developed a proven track record to provide emergency and commercial towage globally. 
SER takes pride in providing safe and cost effective solutions for all marine towage requirements. This ability is primarily supported by immediate access to Swire Pacific Offshore’s (SPO) fleet of approximately 85 offshore vessels, which allows SER to offer towage & support capabilities around the world. 
In addition to the use of its own tonnage, SER has the experience of subcontracting third party towing assets via its diverse network of brokers and vessel owners, alliance with affiliated companies, which enable tugs of all specifications to be deployed for towing requirements worldwide promptly.
SER also has the capability to support the towage requirement in other ways through consultancy work, preparation of towage plans and rental of emergency towing packages and towing equipment.
Marine Salvage

SER is an accomplished and well-equipped marine salvor, dedicated to manage and respond to maritime emergencies around the world and to provide flexible salvage solutions to meet every client’s needs.
SER owns and maintains a comprehensive pool of specialist salvage and oil response equipment strategically located in Singapore and Dubai. SER has a pool of experienced personnel, both onshore and offshore, including Salvage Masters, Salvage Engineers, Naval Architects, Oil Spill Response teams, Salvage Divers and Firefighters with engineering and project management capabilities that support complex salvage cases, wreck removals and platform decommissioning. Using specialised ROV and subsea cutting equipment, SER can undertake cargo recovery to a depth of up to 6,000 metres.
SER exercises great prudence in ensuring safe operations and places strong emphasis in minimising the environmental impact of its operations. SER is able to tap on the global resources and expertise of its parent company, Swire Pacific Offshore, which has an operating fleet of approximately 85 vessels; and offices and warehouse facilities in more than 20 countries. The depth and breadth of these resources strengthen SER’s capabilities to undertake varied types of salvage operations either independently or in partnership with other salvors and facilitate rapid actions globally.
SER is able to undertake and support the following salvage emergencies:
·         Salvage response and advice
·         Lightering and re-floating of vessels
·         Cargo recovery and pumping
·         Fire fighting
·         De-oiling of casualties and wrecks
·         ROV surveys and services (Shallow and Deepwater up to 6,000 metres)
·         Diving services including underwater surveys
·         Wreck removal and platform de-commissioning
Emergency Preparedness and Response 

SER is prepared to respond 24/7 to any tiered size of oil spill, placing strong emphasis in the delivery of rapid, cost-effective and innovative solutions. This is achieved with a comprehensive and integrated logistics infrastructure that ensures equipment and responders can be mobilised at very short notice.
SER can provide customised “Support Packages” that include appropriate spill response equipment such as Offshore Containment Boom, High Capacity Skimmer, Temporary Storage Tanks, Dispersant Application Equipment and Dispersant. The package also includes practical training on the installation, deployment and operation of oil spill equipment.  In addition, SER has access to a network of responders with extensive oil spill response experience who are fully capable to handle deployment of equipment, supervision of response operations or manage advisory or recognised incident command system positions handling oil spills.

Besides the management of oil spill response, SER can assist companies to manage the Hazardous Noxious Substances (HNS). This is achieved by having immediate access to a significant stockpile of Hazmat Response Equipment and a team of specialist Hazmat Responders who are available for deployment globally to respond to actual and threatened Hazmat / HNS Incidents. Furthermore, SER has 24/7 access to HNS response advisors with extensive experience in managing and responding to Tier 2 and Tier 3 incidents globally.

SER also offers a retainer solution which covers the client’s business both in states of “Preparedness” and “Response”. This retainer contract provides the client with a bespoke range of consultancy, training and equipment services for all budgets and all levels of “preparedness” and “response” which can either complement the existing structures that are on place or fully embed a new, dedicated and professional service into the Emergency Response Contingency Plan.
Marine Consultancy and Project Management

SER delivers high quality turn-key solutions with its team of technical and project management consultants. SER can also oversee the development and delivery of specialised salvage and marine projects globally.   The scope of consultancy and project management encompasses the following:
·         Stability reports
·         MARPOL – Waste Reception Facility Design
·         ISPS Consultancy
·         Incident Investigation
·         Simulator Proof of Concept
·         Specialised vessel management (OSR / ETV)
·         Design and Review of Safety Management System
·         Subject matter expertise
Environmental Consultancy and Training

SER offers a diverse range of environmental consultancy services including case studies, gap analysis, capability reviews, risk assessments, preparation and review of Oil Spill Contingency Plans and Emergency Response Plans and the preparation and management of Emergency Response Exercises.
SER can also deliver a wide range of training courses, including IMO Accredited Level 1, 2 and 3 Oil Spill Response, Aerial Surveillance, Incident Command System ICS 100,200 and 300, HAZMAT Response and HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operators and ISO22301.  SER can conduct generic courses and tailor courses to meet the specific needs of clients’ in diverse fields of operation. These courses can be conducted at the premises of the clients or at SPO’s flagship training facility, Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) in Singapore. 
The list of training courses that SER can provide include
  • Nautical Institute accredited IMO Oil Spill Response Training
  • Bespoke Training Courses in -
    • HNS Response / Management
    • Media response
    • Crisis Management
    • Aerial Surveillance
    • Vessel Handling in Spill Response
    • Evidence Gathering
    • Incident Management
    • Incident Command System (ICS100,200,300)
    • Security
    • Relative Response
    • Switchboard Response